Moa Party

The Moa Party is the collection of people, code, services and community that powers everything, including:

The best way to get involved is to drop into the Matrix channel and introduce yourself.

Check out all of our other Contact details.

Public Utility

The main server is run as a public utility. It is free of charge to use by anyone. If you actively use the service, there is an expectation that you help support it by contributing. One way to do this is with a direct financial contribution through our Open Collective page.


Below are various goals, features, and other objectives we want to accomplish. Anyone can suggest a feature: you can file an issue, or email us any ideas you have.

  • Support Pleroma (2021-03-24)
    We’ve had a request to support [[Pleroma]]. Reports are that it doesn’t work with Moa currently, which is likely due to [[OAuth]] scope related issues. See the Pleroma docs.
  • Enabling cross-posting to a personal Git repo in order to help power a digital garden.
  • [[Instagram]] changed their API so that cross-posting was no longer possible.
  • Design a Logo (2021-03-14)
    Commission a designer to make a logo representing [[Moa Party]]. It will almost certainly feature a giant bird and some sort of party theme.
  • [[Moa Party]] is open source software run as a public utility. We encourage people who find the service useful, want to contribute to building out new features, or otherwise wish...

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